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Our network of websites include 20 of the largest sporting events in the United States. These events draw large numbers of spectators from all around the country, and others from around the world. Events of this size require careful planning for the traveling spectator, in order to insure a positive and rewarding experience. Our guides provide the information and the resources they need to do just that.

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Spectators coming to the Indianapolis 500 from out of state, for example, are often quite shocked to find that packaged liquor is not sold on Sunday in the State of Indiana. Additionally, they often learn all to late that their cooler exceeds the Indianapolis Motor Speedways size limitations and are disappointed when they are forced to leave them behind at the entrance to the grandstands. Knowing this information in advance as well as where to stay, where to eat, and where to park helps to insure that attending the event will be a pleasurable experience.

Our guides provide information on hotels, restaurants, tickets, event history, event news, parking, and more. As our online guides gain exposure and enjoy ever increasing popularity, vendors and providers who cater to our spectators will benefit by marketing their services to the fans visiting our satellite guides.

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